Wearing a mask in public and indoors has been a part of our life for more than a year. Over time, the fear of the unknown during these unprecedented times has slowly disappeared and we somehow, slowly but steadily, got used to it. For those who have embraced the new rules with understanding and compassion - while realising the importance of the quality of protective masks - should pay attention to what we have to say next.

In the flood of disposable masks that offer no real protection, are only there for one-time use and fill our landfills, streets and rivers, it is high time for a more durable and high-quality solution!


The MASCA washing mask is the combination of both worlds mentioned above. The certified fabric has a protective barrier EN148632019 + AC2019/type II, which means it is ideally suited for medical use. The ISO 18184 2019 certificate confirms the antiviral properties and the AATCC TM 100 2012 certificate confirms the antibacterial properties which enable:

  • 99,17% reduction of influenza A virus of subtype H1N1,
  • 99,34% reduction of Klebsiella pneumoniae, known as Klebsiella,
  • 99,62% reduction of Staphylococcus aureus,
  • 99,02% reduction of Escherichia coli, known as E-coli,
  • 98,52% bacterial filtration efficiency.

When it comes to protection, the MASCA mask is highly comparable to the surgical one. However, it has one major advantage: the level of protection does not fluctuate and therefore remains at the same level throughout the day. The opposite is the case with a surgical mask, which provides only 95% protection after just 2 hours of wear. The MASCA mask can be worn all day, washed in the evening and used again the next day, offering exactly the same, high quality and safety at all times...

If your job requires you to wear a mask 8 hours a day, this means you are forced to use at least 4 different surgical masks during your working hours for the highest level of protection. Alternatively, you can decide for a MASCA mask with the guarantee that only one will be enough in order to protect you.


Masca is made of polypropylene yarn and modified with a permanent antibacterial additive based on silver ions. In other words, MASCA is not just coated with silver ions - they are woven into the fabric and thus remain there permanently. Regular washing therefore does not reduce its effectiveness.

The antibacterial effect of silver ions has been known for centuries. Their power is not in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, but also in reducing unpleasant odors, thus maintaining the natural balance of the skin. They are anti-static and can regulate temperature.

If you are aware of the importance of the substances you take into the body through food and drinks, it is your responsibility that you also become familiar with the substances you take into the body indirectly, through the largest organ - the skin. The quality of the MASCA mask lies in its skin-friendliness, which has no negative effects on the body. Every day that you do not use it, you add a day that you deprive yourself and our environment of a better and quality alternative.


In addition to the most important certificates mentioned above, which prove MASCA mask’s highest and longest protection against viruses, it is also worth mentioning:

  • EU attestation of conformity/93/42/EEC,
  • health safety certificate in accordance with STN 80 0055: 2004 / Regulation Nr. 1907/2006 of EP and Council,
  • certificate OEKOTEX® Standard 100, Class 1, Appendix 6, which confirms the suitability of the product for children’s skin,
  • quality certificate SO 90012015,
  • environmental compliance certificate EN ISO 140012015,
  • certificate of responsible textile handling Bluesign®certifikat No. 020.883.006,
  • fabric certificate EN137951.

Wearing the MASCA washing mask is completely harmless to humans and thoroughly environmentally friendly. You could just call it "neutral" because it leaves no trace in our environment - as if it was not there. But it is. And it protects - at the highest level.

Plus, we can't forget that the quality of the mask is important to protect both - the person wearing it and the people that person comes in contact with. Turn over a new leaf today and take part in responsible coexistence on our planet - order your MASCA washing mask.


The MASCA team consists of award-winning designer Barbara Sorčič and entrepreneur Eva Ana Kazič. With their product, they take an important role in the development of women's entrepreneurship. Through their work, they show us that we alone are responsible in setting how far we can go, and with their achievements, they inspire us to believe that the limits are in fact non-existent.

They strongly believe in their product because it is:

  • superior in terms of quality,
  • ethical (made in Slovenia and sustainable),
  • comfortable (soft material with ergonomic cut and no wire in the nose area),
  • environmentally friendly (unlike the so-called double masking, that has become a constant in other masks on the market, the MASCA mask offers the highest protection for up to 100 days)
  • fashionable.

Do something for yourself, the environment and your surroundings and order your MASCA mask today. When you choose our 2 + 1 package, you take on an important role in spreading the word about the importance of quality masks and also become a key advocate for sustainability among your friends and family.

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