The protective mask has never been a part of our everyday life

But that does not mean that they need to be inelegant and out of fashion. MASCA team has created fashionable MASCA washing masks, which are characterized by 98.52% BFE protection. The silver ions woven in the yarn provide permanent protection. It’s antibacterial functions are permanent and do not lose its effectiveness even after frequent washing. The MASCA mask doesn’t just protect you from bacteria and viruses - it also helps you destroy them.

Timeless elegance

Forget surgical light blue and “oh-so-different” black masks. MASCA washing mask is available in classic and elegant colours - black, white, beige and grey. Every true fashionista will be impressed by the possibilities of combining the MASCA washing mask along with their desired outfits of the day. The mask is also hydrophobic - therefore the material does not get wet and doesn’t retain moisture. With a dry mask on your face, your make-up will remain intact.



”It’s exhausting to constantly remove the mask and put it back on the ears again. A mask is not meant to be to be worn around the wrist as a bracelet or stuck to the ear as a fashion earring. The MASCA washing mask provides a very useful solution - you can simply wear it around the neck. Practical, right? This is made possible by an innovative binding and fixation system that even prevents the mask from slipping down your face. When you need to use it, you can simply put your mask back on your face.”

-Martina Borščak, @ritualnica

“MASCA is high quality made. It has a European certificate of suitability for use for medical devices for both patients and medical staff. On the other hand, the mask has permanent antiviral and antibacterial properties that are not lost with washing. You use many fewer disposable masks and the ones you do use, actually work. The mask is primarily not a fashion accessory, but a protection with which we protect ourselves and others.“

-Andrej Grahek, dr. medicine



Why not? Matching outfits for the whole family is ensured with sizes that vary between XS and XL, and we also offer masks for the youngest members of the family, as little as XS and S. From the head of the family to the youngest member of the household, for a partner with whom you like to wear matching outfits - we thought of everything.

You can buy your washing mask MASCA in a special package of 3 for the price of 2! Protect yourself and your family.


Masca mask is not different only because of its innovative technology. It is different, because it provides:

  • washability at 60 °C,
  • reduction of unpleasant odors.

It is perfect for you, your mother, your partner, the children - for your loved ones, for whom you want the best protection. Choose our package 3 for the price of 2.


The MASCA team consists of award-winning designer Barbara Sorčič and entrepreneur Eva Ana Kazič. With their product, they take an important role in the development of women's entrepreneurship. Through their work, they show us that we alone are responsible in setting how far we can go, and with their achievements, they inspire us to believe that the limits are in fact non-existent.

They strongly believe in their product because it is:

  • superior in terms of quality,
  • ethical (made in Slovenia and sustainable),
  • comfortable (soft material with ergonomic cut and no wire in the nose area),
  • environmentally friendly (unlike the so-called double masking, that has become a constant in other masks on the market, the MASCA mask offers the highest protection for up to 100 days)
  • fashionable.

Do something for yourself, the environment and your surroundings and order your MASCA mask today. When you choose our 2 + 1 package, you take on an important role in spreading the word about the importance of quality masks and also become a key advocate for sustainability among your friends and family.

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