what is masca

this isn't just a
good looking mask

It's made out of medical grade material, certified EN13795-1 fabric, suitable for surgical headgear and medical equipment for healthcare workers. We created a solution that incorporates style, function, protection and most importantly - a long service life. The next-level protection is based on silver ions that are antibacterial and antiviral without harming the planet. We source all of our materials in the EU and our masks are hand made in Slovenia.

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next level protection

Silver shield

The antibacterial effect of silver has been known for centuries. Silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria, reduce unpleasant odors, protect the biological balance of your skin and ensure hygienic freshness during sport and leisure activities. The bacteriostatic agent is integrated into the yarn rather than applied to its surface, so it doesn’t migrate from the fabric and permanently remains there even after frequent washing.

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We definitely need more than one face mask - for different outfits, occasions or simply for different moods.
They also need to be washed and dried properly between uses to serve you best.
Get a bundle of three MASCA masks that might just make wearing a mask feel like a choice rather than a chore.

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